Events and Exhibitions

Every month college puts up an exhibition of student current works and studies these exhibitions are open to public and student of other college it encourages student to excel in their work It also gives opportunities to interact with other student and professionals

Rizvi Expo an annual exhibition work projects and studies by the facility members organized in the months of December- January. It provides an interesting setting for the exchange of views and experience among the facility members, invitees and students and it fosters interaction the students.

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Rizvi Arch Fest

During the first term of the academic year Rizvi College of Architecture organizes an annual festival of architecture called Rizvi Arch from August 22-26 it is a time for faculty and students to engage in informal interactions. It includes sports and cultural events. It consists of annual exhibitions of student work and an important seminar devoted to a theme. The college foundation day is celebrated on August 26 with a grand cultural programme.

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International Conference on Humane Habitat (ICHH)

Rizvi College of Architecture hosts annually the International Conference on Humane Habitat (ICHH) in collaboration with the International Association for Human Habitat (IAHH) during last week end of January / 1st weekend of February every year. About 24 speakers present their thoughts and works at the ICHH and more than 300 delegates and students participate in these conferences. IAHH international students design competition (ISDC) is hosted by RCA every year since 2003. Students from 20 countries take part in this competition.

The themes of ICHH

ICHH 1999: affordable housing for all

ICHH 2000 :sustainable architecture and development

ICHH 2001: appropriate architecture and technology

ICHH 2002: innovative architecture and technology

ICHH 2003: the quest for excellence

ICHH 2004: healing our habitats

ICHH 2005: enlightening learning environment

ICHH 2006: sustainable work communities &work places

ICHH 2007: shaping social cultural and sacred apaches in SHH

ICHH2008: SHH-architectural education, research and practice

ICHH2009: SHH-revitalizing city centre’s &promoting transit area development

ICHH 2010: Affordable Housing for All in Sustainable Humane Habitats.

ICHH 2011: Appropriate Transportation and Infrastructure Development

ICHH 2012: Evolving Sustainable Humane Habitat: Critical lessons of new cities, towns and communities.

ICHH 2013: Reinventing our Metropolises as Sustainable Humane Habitat

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Extra curricular activities

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National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA) organizes zonal and national conventions every year Rizvi College of Architecture has been actively participating in the NASA conventions and competitions

Le Corbusier trophy for overall performance

Nari Gandhi trophy:

Reuben’s trophy:

Louis Kahn trophy

G.Sen trophy :

Hudco trophy:

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Informal Learning

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Masa Award

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Outdoor Learning

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Site Developement

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Trip photos YCMOU

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